With tens of millions of downloads and years of experience we know what it takes to make an app successful. From the initial idea, to submitting to the store, we offer customized app services tailored to your needs.

Content Provider

Utilize our existing library of children's content for your project at affordable bulk rates. Or have something specific in mind? We will create custom branded content for you.

Idea Validation

Have a great idea for an app but don't know where to start? We have expertise in what will succeed or fail, how to monetize, and how to plan for your app's success.


App design is a whole new beast with all new possibilities, and constraints. We can make sure your app is beautiful on tablets, phones, Android, or Apple.


Cross-platform and lean development means low cost and quick results. You get an app in your hands in weeks instead of months.

Store Optimization

Get discovered and get more downloads. Visibility in the App Stores is the most important factor in making a popular app.


The app industry is always changing. New OS requirements, metadata requirements, and user demands mean your app must keep up to date to be successful

Clients and Partners

A few of our select clients and partners